Friday, September 6, 2019

“Life is tough but so are you.”

Happy birthday tomorrow to Ryan Broberg!!


  1. Ladies: If you are between 14 and 18 years old and you volunteer in your community, you may be eligible to win a Violet Richardson Award.  Volunteer actions that benefit women or girls are particularly encouraged.  For mor information visit the Soroptomist Founder Region website and click the link for the Violet Richardson Award Application Form. Any other questions see Ms. Banke.
  2. If you have any used blankets you do not need anymore, bring them to Mr. Chiles’ room to be donated to Miranda’s Rescue. Please bring them in befoe Friday, September 20th.  If you have any questions, please see Lillybeth Young or Mr. Chiles.
  3. If you haven’t already done so, please turn in your first day packets to the office!! List is on the back of those who still haven’t got them in!!
  4. If you received a letter notifying you that you qualified for CSF last semester, please pay your dues to the office. Dues are $5 and must be turned in by September 20th.
  5. Juniors: The PSAT test is scheduled for Wednesday, October 16th. Any juniors interested in taking the test need to sign up in the office. This is a practice test for the SAT’s.  All 10th graders will be taking the test in the Spring.  Next Tuesday, September 10th is the last day to sign up for the test
  6. If there are any students who are interested in tutoring students in Math, English & Science please see Ms. Banke.
  7. Seniors: Buy your Senior Sweatshirt now!  If you are interested in buying a Senior Sweatshirt, they are $30 and you need to pay Beth Towles.  Give Beth or Mr. Michael your sweatshirt size when you pay.  Beth will be taking sweatshirt orders until September 20th only!  Any questions see Mr. Michael.
  8. Next Tuesday, September 10th the North Coast College and Career Expo will be held at the Bayshore Mall from 5:30 – 8:00 p.m. Over 50 College and career representatives will be there and there will be 10 workshops to choose from.  All high school students and parents are welcome.



This week in sports:

Football:  Tonight @ Fall River (football players are leaving before school, cheerleaders will be leaving school at 11:00 a.m. so they will need to be out at 10:30)


List of cheerleaders and football players are on the back.


Freshmen:  All are in


Sophomores:  Alex Crawford and Logan Miller


Juniors:  Kana Bugbee, Kai Hessler


Seniors:  Nate Bramlett and Putter Walters



Cheerleaders: Arionna McPhillips, Sydney Taylor, Gabby Riley, Marina Kay, Maria Gallardo, Alyssa Watkins, Hallie Short, Tessa Smith, Emma Frerichs, Allie Clevenger, Natalie Guerrero, Bri Rimmey, Macey Sutherland, Bekah Towles, Naomi Bramlett, Madeline Michel, Isabelle Petersen and Jonas Bramwell (mascot)


Football Players: Nico Alejandre, Jenner Christiansen, Landon Gomes, Colson Renner, Nate Bramlett, Jack Westfall, Kannon Christiansen, Javier Lopez, Cayden Collings, Lane Branstetter, DJ Albee, Rex Rolff, Hunter Bell, Taner Zanone, Caden Rocha, Dominic Regli, Haven Harrington, Joe Genzoli, Derek Griffith, Joaquin Rodriguez-Campos, Orion Benton, Tristen Martin, Matthew Bertleson, Charlie Lockett, Seth Regli and Bryce Bell