Thursday, June 13, 2019

“Happy last day of school!! Congratulations Seniors!!”

Happy birthday today to Antonio Mena!!


Happy birthday over summer break to Lexi Miranda (June 18), Itchel Lopez Valverde (June 25) Erick Rodriguez Lucier (June 26), Hunter Chambers (June 30), Vanessa Frost & Kurtis Johnson (July 1), Natalee Guerrero (July 3), Emma Scalvini (July 5), Ledger Dare (July 9), Emma Frerichs (July 11), Korey Wayman (July 14),  Maria Gallardo-Bernal (July 15), RJ Allen (July 19), Paola Valverde Jimenz (July 23), Kana Bugbee & Bri Rimmey (July 29), TJ Coleman (Aug. 2), Litzy Chavez-Ramirez (Aug. 3), Kai Hessler (Aug. 9), Alyssa Watkins (Aug. 11), Paden Prior (Aug. 12), Thomas Evans (Au.g 14), Marcus Wiseman (Aug. 15), Garrett Christiansen (Aug. 20) and Baylee Johnston-Boldrini (Aug. 25)



  1. It is not too late!! Please turn in your Safe & Sober forms to the office.
  2. Mark your calendar!! Next Fall there will be a backpacking trip in the Trinity Alps for the Wilderness Club. It will be the weekend of September 13th – 15th.  If you have any questions, ask Coach Trev or Yohei.
  3. Please take time this week to clean out your lockers!! If there is anything left in them after school is out it will be thrown away!!
  4. If you are taking AP English next year, see Chiles for summer homework.
  5. If you are taking APES next year, see Yohei for summer homework.
  6. Bills are on the back. All bills must be paid by the end of this  Seniors, you will not get your diploma until your bills are paid.  The rest of you will not receive your report cards and not be able to participate in Fall Sports until your bills are paid in full.  Any questions, see Kristy.
  7. Senior Breakfast will be this Friday, June 14th @ 8:00 a.m. at the Veteran’s Hall.
  8. Seniors: Your accounts for email and documents will be deleted this summer.  You need to transfer anything you need/want to your personal email accounts before school is out.
  9. Teachers: Portal is open!! I need to be able to give the Seniors their report cards on Friday.  Portal will close next Tuesday, June 18th.


Finals schedule



Period 6 Final                    8:25 -10:20

Break                                 10:20 – 10:35

Period 7 Final                    10:35 – 12:30