Thursday, March 16, 2017

“If you want to see the sunshine you have to weather the storm.”


Happy Belated Birthday to Brianna Brazil and Jonnathan Alvarado yesterday!!



  1. There will be a Leo Club meeting today in Mr. Chiles room at lunch.
  2. Students who continue to receive multiple lunch detentions for tardies, unexcused absences and discipline issues )cell phones, disruptive behavior) will begin serving all day in-school suspension.
  3. Spring Ping Pong Tournament: During Spring Week (April 10th – 14th) there will be a ping pong tournament in the foyer of the gym. Entry fees are $2 per person and you may enter twice.  To sign up please see Dominic Regli.
  4. Students are NOT to be parking their vehicles in the back parking lot by the woodshop. Park in the front parking lot only.
  5. Anyone interested in running track this year please sign up in the office.
  6. Sadie Hawkins Dance will be March 25th from 9:00 – 12:00 @ the Red Barn. You can buy your presale tickets from Alexis Mincks. Presale prices are $10 for single and $15 for couples.  Prices at the door will be $15 single and $20 for couples.
  7. Yearbooks are now on sale for $50. They will go up to $65 after Spring Break, so buy your yearbook now!!
  8. UC Davis will be on campus on Friday, March 31st in the library during 5th Any student interested please sign up in the office.
  9. Seniors: If you are planning on attending College of the Redwoods next year, please sign up in the office for the presentation on March 30th during 3rd Presentation will be in the library.
  10. Physics class will be selling sushi at lunch every Friday. Order forms are in the office.  Turn your order in by Thursday of each week in order to eat Friday.  You will pay for your lunch on Friday when you pick up your food.  If you have any questions see Yohei, Olivia or Kelsey.
  11. Teachers: Baseball team will be leaving today after school and will be gone all day Friday for a tournament and there is a list of students in your box of students that will be leaving after 2nd period on Friday to go to the Logging Conference.
  12. Lunch today: Spaghetti with meat sauce
  13. Lunch tomorrow: HumFresh Burritos
  14. Lunch Detention: Michael


This week in sports:


Tennis: Today!! Make up match vs. Arcata 3:30

Saturday, March 18th, vs. North Coast Prep

Softball: Today vs. Arcata 4:00

Baseball:  Tomorrow – Sat.,  Mar. 16th – 18th @ Willows tourney