The Awesome Pretzel Cart

Guy Fieri unveils the Awesome Preztel Cart

fes-slideshow-pretzelcartThe Awesome Pretzel Cart was donated to Ferndale Junior High in 2010 by one of its most famous alumni, TV’s Guy Fieri. Its purpose is to be an entrepreneurial learning experience for the students as well as to raise money for the 8th grade educational learning trip at the end of every year.

Fieri has expanded the Awesome Pretzel Cart program through his Cooking With Kids Foundation, which donates Awesome Pretzel Carts to schools around the country, but the first one was given to the kids of his home town.

On the website, Fieri says, “My hope is that young people, with the assistance of adult supervisors, can earn money to pay for activities for themselves and their schools that otherwise would not be possible.”

To learn more about the Awesome Pretzel Cart, visit the Cooking With Kids website, watch this video and this video on the Decade of Difference website, or call us at (707) 786-5300.