Tuesday, February 13, 2018

 “Time flies whether you’re having fun or not…the choice is yours.”


  1. There will be pizza sales tomorrow at lunch!! $2 per slice.
  2. There will be a rally after 2nd period tomorrow. Schedule is below.
  3. Seniors: If you are planning on going to College of the Redwoods next year, there will be an outreach team here on Wednesday, February 28th during 3rd period in the library. Please sign up in the office.  The outreach team is asking that you bring your social security number with you or have it memorized!!
  4. Please pay your woodshop bills in the office.
  5. Lunch today: Bagel bar
  6. Lunch tomorrow: Baked potato bar


Wednesday’s Rally Schedule


Period 1          8:22-8:59

Period 2          9:03-9:40

Rally               9:44-10:29

Period 3          10:33-11:10

Period 4          11:14-11:51

Lunch              11:51-12:27

Period 5          12:31-1:08

Period 6          1:12-1:49

Period 7          1:53-2:30