Wednesday, June 14, 2017


“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone!!”



Happy birthday today to Dominick Fusi and Jaron Leonardo!!



  1. All lunch bills must be paid by tomorrow. See Kristy for your balance.
  2. Today or tomorrow you need to clean everything out of your locker. Anything left in them will be thrown away!!
  3. The following students have turned in permission slips but have not turned in the $25: Makenzie Renner, , Kyler Becksted, Madison Walstrom, and Elizabeth & Rebekah Towles.
  4. This week is finals week. Schedule is on the back.
  5. The following students still need to turn in their pre-registration for next year’s classes: Nathan Bramlett, Riley Shinn, Gage Barsanti, Tanner Baum, and Jackson Wagner.  Please turn them into the office ASAP!!
  6. Yearbooks are here!! You may pick them up in the office!! If you haven’t already bought yours you can still buy one for $65.
  7. All library books checked out to students are due now. Any student leaving our District and/or graduating if you need to save/keep any work that is saved to your Network drive or Google Drive, you should do that soon. Email it to your personal email, or save it to a flash drive. If you need assistance, Mrs. McCulloch is happy to help.
  8. Lunch today: NO LUNCH
  9. Lunch tomorrow: NO LUNCH TOMORROW
  10. Teachers: We need contributions for the Faculty Scholarship. Please get them to Tina as soon as you can!!
  11. Also: the portal is open. It will close this FRIDAY!! I will need all senior grades to be in there by Thursday afternoon so that I can print their report cards and give them to them at the breakfast on Friday morning.






Today   :                                  8:25 – 10:20         Period 2 Final

10:20 – 10:35       Break

10:35 – 12:30       Period 4 Final


Tomorrow:                              8:25 – 10:20         Period 5 Final

10:20 – 10:35       Break

10:35 – 12:30       Period 6 Final