Fundraiser For New Gym Bleachers

Dear Parents, Guardians, and Community Members,

At the May school board meeting, our school board and superintendent gave permission to start collecting donations for the purchase of new bleachers for our gym.  We are now collecting monetary donations and starting a bank account titled “Ferndale Elementary School Bleachers.”   We’ve already been pledged approximately $5,000 from various individuals, businesses, and student accounts.  The cost of new bleachers is approximately $30,000 – they will be state-of-the-art quality:

  • 5 rows (1 more row than current)
  • Dark green (mustang colors)
  • Handicap accessible
  • Telescopic (they fold up like an accordion after use)
  • Electronic (they close at the push of a button) 

The Ferndale Enterprise will be running a weekly advertising campaign at no cost to the school to solicit donations.  Each time an individual or business donates money, their name will be added to the advertisement in the newspaper each week.  The Ferndale Enterprise has done this with other local non-profit groups and raised quite a bit of money in some cases. (We are hoping this will be as successful!).  Every person who donates money towards our new bleachers will be listed on a plaque/banner on the gym wall.  

SPREAD THE WORD:  Please send donations to “Ferndale Elementary School Bleachers Account.”  Your donation may qualify as tax deductible. The Ferndale Elementary School tax identification number is: 94-6002186.  No donation is too BIG or small (everything counts) –   


Renee Henderson and the FES staff


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