Art at FES

Lining the walls of Ferndale Elementary school is art work produced by its students.  From Kindergarten to 6th grade, Nikki Ussia has been rotating in and out of classrooms bring art, art techniques, and art process reflection to each student. She moves around with a cart full of watercolors, colored, pencils, repurpose materials, and various paper providing art instruction in personal sketch books to ending reflections. She has been a great new addition to the wonderful staff at FES.


FES Honors Our Veterans

Veterans Day, which lands on Saturday this year, is set aside to give consideration to military service in our country. Many Americans take a moment to appreciate and honor the service and sacrifice of all who have served in the U.S. military, including the students and staff at Ferndale Elementary. We owe them more than we can repay.


Throughout American history, about 45 million have served in our armed forces during times of war, along with additional millions who served in peacetime. Here in Ferndale, many of our Veterans came to FES for a celebration. They were invited to have lunch with our middle school, join students in their classroom for informative discussions and activities, and to an assembly. They received two songs in appreciation-thanks to Miss McWhorter and Mr. Duggan and their wonderful students. They were also introduced to the audience by class representatives. Finally, the entire school exited the gym-shaking their hands and thanking them in person. We were truly the lucky ones having them on our campus for the afternoon to show our appreciation.


Author Visit at FES 2017

An author visit can be a great way to connect children – and their families – with the magic of books and reading. Our K-6 grades were lucky enough to connect with Deborah Heiligman from New York, a famous author for finding inspiration in her dogs. She has written many other books with a few based on famous people. She led the students through a delightful story of her life as a writer. The student truly enjoyed the experience.




Mustang Tales-Parent Newsletter


Here is the November edition of Mustang Tales.

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mustang Tales Dec 2017-Spanish

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