Buddy Classes at FES

One of the more important aspects of FES is our Buddy Class program. We encourage buddy classes throughout our school. The younger classes within the school have been paired with an older ‘buddy  class’ for cross-age tutoring. As part of the weekly schedule,  the children from the two classes join together. The older students work with a younger buddy. The children participate in activities such as reading together, subject study, social play activities. and art and crafts.  We have found through this buddy program that both students enjoy the participation and social contact.  An example of the program’s benefits showed up when Mrs. Fisk-Becker’s 5th grade class buddied up with Mrs. Boynton’s 2nd grade class to study the human body. Students worked together on the functions and structures of the heart. The younger students were highly engaged in the supportive environment the older students provided. Please stop on by to see what our other buddy classes are up to.